Assisted Living

            Bed Bug Removal For Assisted Living

assisted living

Bed Bugs can not only ruin your tenants experience but your reputation as well. When these issues arrive it is best to take care of the problem as fast as possible. With our bed bug heat treatment technology you can get your facility back to 100% in no time. We kill the bugs and their eggs.

HUD bed bug heat treatmentHeat treatments kill 100% of bed bugs and their eggs in just one treatment.

housing authority bed bug heat treatmentDiscrete, non-visual presence during treatment

multifamily bed bug heat treatmentCustom Guarantee After Treatment

hud heat treatment for bed bugsTreated rooms are only down for a few hours during treatment

housing authority heat treatmentNo chemicals used with heat!

What Kind of Equipment

RVA Thermal Heat of Richmond VA uses state of the art heat technology equipment to eradicate bedbugs. We use propane driven heaters, temperature monitoring equipment and different levels of fans. Air movement is critical in this process and is specific to the success of imparting the heated air into the room and ensures even coverage of treatment. Temperature monitoring is vital. You must reach the thermal death point of the target pests and hold that temperature for a period of time to kill the eggs. The equipment we use helps to ensure this.

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