About Us

Bed Bug Company Eliminating Bedbugs, Odor, Moisture in Richmond VA

RVA Thermal Heat of Richmond VA is a bed bug company here to help you with your bedbug eradication in your residential or commercial property. We provide a discreet service. Our vehicles will only be marked with our name. No large bugs on the side of our trucks! We want to help you with your situation without bringing a bunch of attention to your neighbors or clients. Even our business cards were designed with this in mind. Our bed bug company RVA Thermal Heat uses state of the art heat technology and we are a green company. We do not use chemicals and all areas treated are available for re-entry on the same day.

Why Choose RVA Thermal Heat Bed Bug Company

  1. Providing free inspections of for Bedbugs, Moisture Control and Odor Control
  2. Our Bed Bug Company is Licensed and Insured
  3. Apartments, Hotels, Residential, Assisted Living, Hospitals and Schools
  4. Same day toxic free/safe re-entry into treated space
  5. Custom Client Guarantee After Treatment – Eliminated Bedbugs, Odor, Moisture
  6. 100% Non-Toxic, No Chemicals- Kid & Pet Friendly
  7. K-9 Inspection before and after is available
  8. We cover all of Richmond and the surrounding counties

What Is Heat Treatment

icon-green-fireHeat treatment is the safe and effective way of getting rid of bedbugs and other pests. A bed bug heat treatment uses strictly heat to kill pests without chemicals. The process does not involve toxins, chemicals or odors. Bedbugs can be eliminated with one treatment from our bed bug company where a pesticide process may take multiple visits to achieve the same result. Heat kills bugs that pesticides can’t. It is a green process that will allow you to get back to business as fast as possible.